Working Remotely? Eight Ways to Adjust to Your New Workspace

Dated: 03/31/2020

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For some people, work from home is, pardon the expression, “just another day at the office.” However, the Coronavirus has suddenly made the home office a reality for a large population of workers who may have never experienced it.

Even for people who work remotely one or two days a week, the prospects of living and working in the same space every day can feel like something entirely different. Simply put, it’s a big change. And getting used to it might take some time.

One obvious difference is where you are working; it might be desk, or it might be a kitchen table, vanity, couch or bed.

Another difference is who your new coworkers are: Family members, spouses, roommates, pets and children.

And then you have a difference in your set up: Dual screens vs. laptops, no mouse, no printer, desk phone vs. cell phone, in-person vs. webcam.

So, what are people doing to adjust to these changes until they get the greenlight to return to the office?

  • Enjoy the comfort of having your dog or cat—or your kids—by your side. But whereas the idea of a child bursting into a home office in the middle of a videoconference may have inspired nightmares in the past, under current conditions, it’s something people just need to roll with.

“I tell my team that no apologies are required if a dog barks or a kid starts bugging you for a snack. This is the new normal, folks. Let's embrace it and have some fun along the way.”


  • For those home-schooling children too, try and break up your work schedule day if possible, to help teach and keep your kids engaged in learning. If you have a flexible schedule, work till lunch and then sign on again when the kids are sleeping.
  • If you have a desktop and laptop make do for two screens – although they don’t mirror one another, it’s still the next best option for using dual screens.
  • Find a comfortable space to set up your new office – add a candle, speaker for music, a picture to set the ambiance and mood of a relaxing space to get in the zone.
  • Don’t cancel events, meetings or even conferences – make these digital! No need to cancel, just host these differently.
  • Get dressed every morning! Even if it’s comfy clothes, don’t stay in your pajamas. It’s important to start each day fresh.
  • Stick to your normal sleep habits. Even if you have more time in the morning that used to be used for commuting, take that extra time for a morning walk, meditation, or yoga.
  • Try moving throughout your space during the day. Make sure your workspace is ergonomically sound and that you’re sitting in an upright supported posture.

For some tips and advice on how to stay busy, Morning Brew shares the guide you need to add some humor to your day.

To look at all of this from the most positive light: We’re living in 2020 where we can work virtually. We can visually engage with our colleagues around the world with just a phone. We have streaming apps that let us binge Netflix or Disney+, among others. And there are ways to workout with a virtual coach to keep us healthy.

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